Building Relationships at a New School, for the Kid and the Parent

This week has been filled with all kinds of emotions! It is so hard to believe that my oldest has officially started Kindergarten!! Not only is the fact that she is growing up a very emotional thing, but she is starting at a whole new school with a whole new group of people.

Hailey had been at the same preschool for the past four years, and with the same group of kids pretty much throughout. Now she is starting at a different school with almost no kids she knows. There are not a lot of kids from her preschool going to her elementary school, maybe two or three, and none of them are in her class.

When Hailey started preschool she was one, so for us, and for most of the other families, this was the first big social setting we were putting our kids into. Relationships grew through the many years we all have been together and it’s sad to leave and start over for both Hailey and I.

The moms (and dads) I met four short years ago when Hailey started school have become my friends. From playground chats, birthday parties, field trips, play dates and even girls nights, I have formed so many amazing relationships with the people I have met through preschool.

It is always so nice to have parents to talk to who are going through similar life events and challenges as you are. We have all been there for each other through happy times and challenging times and I am so lucky to have been able to go through all the ups and downs of figuring out this whole “parenting thing” with those parents!

Even though I am so excited for Hailey to start this new chapter in her life, I am also bummed to be parting ways with many kids and parents who Hailey and I call our friends. I know we can make time to see them, but with a full-time school schedule and extra-curricular activities, I’d be naïve to say it won’t be hard.

I know we will both meet new people at our new school, and I will still be able to see some friends who still have little ones in preschool with Aurora, but it will definitely be a change! It was nice to be able to send a quick text to a friend to make sure I didn’t mess up what day to bring a pumpkin in to decorate with the class. I’m sure I’ll get there with new parents at her elementary school, but it does kind of feel like I am starting over.

I am looking forward to all the new friendships Hailey and I will build at this new school, but I will miss all my old friends for sure! Thank you all for the laughs, advice and listening you have done in the past four years!

Hailey is usually very social, especially with kids, so I am hoping she makes friends quickly. For me, there are a few things I plan to do to meet new people at this new school.

*Get involved- Whether that means PTO or just going into the classroom when I can help with special events, I definitely want to be a part of Hailey’s school experience some how.

*Don’t be shy- It is easy to walk into a social situation with your head down or just nod and say hi and walk away. I am going to try and start up conversations and be social with the other parents so I can get to know them.

*Go have lunch at the school- At Hailey’s new school, parents are able to go eat lunch with their children once a week. Each family is assigned a day based on their last names. I plan to go as much as I can!

*Plan a play date- Once Hailey and I get to know people, I hope to set up play dates, whether it be at a local park or at our house, to built relationships further.

With that, I hope you all have a great day and holiday weekend! We are off to PA tomorrow, so I will be back to blogging after labor day!

Do you feel like you are starting over when you start at a new school?

What are some things you do to build new relationships?