Back-to-School Shopping for a Kindergartener

I can’t believe I am writing a post about Kindergarten! Hailey starts school in less than a month and I am full of all kind of emotions about it! I am happy, sad, anxious, excited…I’m sure all the same emotions all the other moms out there are feeling or have felt!

A fun part of getting ready for school is, of course, the shopping! On Saturday, Hailey and I left the house right after breakfast to go shop for all she needs to start Kindergarten.

She was excited to be shopping for herself and to have all mommy’s attention on her! She even brought her purse, which is an old purse of mine my mom found from a homecoming or prom!

We went to Target and TJ Maxx and pretty much got everything we needed at those two places! They are in the same plaza, so we got really lucky. We did shop for three hours though! At Target, we tried on some of the clothes I thought she would be in between sizes in, and took some fitting room pictures of course!

Hailey needed some fuel after Target, so we stopped and got some popcorn and Gatorade before our walk to TJ Maxx. We actually did stop at Home Goods and Michaels that morning too.

Target didn’t have “fat pencils” which were on her Kindergarten list. I had no idea what “fat pencils” were, but I thought Michaels might have them. They didn’t, but Amazon did! Amazon for the win, always! Along with “fat pencils,” I also now know what a folders with “brads” are too…thank you google.

I wasn’t sure we were going to find a backpack Hailey liked while shopping that day, but at TJ Maxx, she loved this North Face one! It’s actually an adult backpack, but when we compared them to the kids backpacks, it wasn’t that much different!

Okay, so here is the haul!

School supplies…minus the “fat pencils,” which are on the way! 

I wanted to make sure to get some long sleeves and pants because she has some stuff she can still wear to school that she got at the end of preschool and throughout the summer.

I love the cold shoulder black shirt! 

I love that Hailey likes to wear different things. She goes through dress fazes and she also goes through workout shorts and tee-shirt fazes.

We bought a couple more short sleeve shirts and tanks because they were on sale!

Target had a buy one get one 50% off kids shoe deal, so we picked up two new pair!

And we couldn’t forget about Aurora, who starts preschool in a month too! She also got two new pairs of shoes with the Target deal, and some new clothes too! She does have a lot of Hailey’s hand-me-downs, so she didn’t need as much!

A big thank you to Grandma and Papa Deano for sending back-to-school shopping gift cards to help my wallet out a bit!

And also to Gammie and Papa Keith for these super cute Sperry’s for the girls! I love them!

I think we got a lot of good stuff! Hailey has a birthday at the beginning of September, so anything we didn’t get, she will get for her birthday! My aunt gets her new sneakers every year, so I already know those are coming soon!

It was so much fun to shop with Hailey and enjoy some one-on-one time! We even got to go to lunch, just the two of us!

I can’t believe my first little one is going off to Kindergarten in a few short weeks! I know she is so excited and I know she will do great!

Do you take your kids school shopping? 

What are some staples that you get every year?