At Home Cardio Workout

I love taking workout classes because I feel like I push myself harder in that type of setting. However, it is not always practical for me to go to the Y, especially during the school year, so I came up with some at-home workouts that end with heavy breathing and sweat!

For a long while, I did P90X, especially the plyometric  workout, which is all jumping and cardio…my fav! With that video and the many many classes I’ve taken over the years, I came up with a 30 minute workout that will definitely not disappoint if you are looking for a challenge, and here it is!

I am going to explain each exercise, but I wanted to explain these pictures you are about to see first! Some of these pictures Hailey took for me because Anthony had to work late. It was hectic because Aurora (for once) wanted to be in ALL the pictures! I did have Anthony snap a few the next morning too. These were taken in my living room, right where I usually do this workout with either both girls or just Aurora sitting on the couch watching me/playing on their IPads. Annndd I am NOOOO fitness model!

You complete each exercise for 30 seconds, and do three rounds of each group before moving on to the next group.

GROUP ONE- 30 seconds each exercise

1- Burpees– I usually go all the way to the floor with my burpee to make it harder, but you can just jump out into a plank, jump back in and jump all the way up with your hands in the air.

2- Jump Squats– You can modify by not jumping for lower impact.

3-Jump Lunges– Step back, alternating legs if you don’t want to jump.

4- Plank up and downs– Start in a forearm plank and then rise up to your hands, alternating which arm goes first each time.

Here are the pictures with Aurora doing planks with me, haha!

5- Push ups– I do these on my knees usually.

Repeat 2 more times

GROUP TWO- 30 seconds each exercise 

1-Skaters– You jump from side to side throwing your inside leg behind your body each way.

2-High Knees– If you don’t like to bring your knees up high, just run in place.

3-Mountain Climbers– You are in a plank position on your hands and you quickly pull one knee at a time into your chest.

4-Tricep Dips– You can use the couch, ottoman or just the floor. If you use the floor, you hold yourself up with your hands and feet and bend your arms to take you up and down.

5-Russian Twists– You sit on the floor, hold your hands together (or hold a weight if you have one) and move your hands from your left hip to your right hip. For more of a challenge, lift your legs up.

Repeat 2 more times


1-123 Heisman– You move laterally, doing three small jumps and on the last one, you hold your knee up to your chest with kind of a pause and then repeat on the other side.

2- Frog Jumps– I usually do two big frog jumps forward and then run backwards to wear I started and repeat.

3- Tuck Jumps– In a regular tuck jump, you squat and jump both knees to your hands that are placed right under you chest. In the picture below, I am showing the modified version. You clasp your hangs together and swing them around to your knee as you are lifting it. Repeat on the other side.

4- Plank to low squat– I think this exercise has an actual name, but this is what I am calling it today. You jump out into a plank on your hands and then jump your feet in while putting your hands up and staying low in your squat. Then, you put your hands back down and jump back out into the plank and repeat.

5- Jumping Jacks– In the pictures, I am showing squat jacks, which can be a little more challenging. Just do your jumping jacks and stay in a squat the whole time.

Repeat 2 more times

There you have it! I usually try and do this once a week at home before taking Aurora to preschool. Since I get Hailey on the bus at 7AM, it’s hard for me to wait to workout until after I drop Aurora off at 9AM. I usually have a long list of things to do while both girls are at school, so it helps to be able to get my workout in early on those days!

I use the stopwatch on my phone and usually pause it a couple times during each group to grab a quick drink of water.

If you do some stretching before and after and take a couple water breaks during the workout, this is a great 30 minute workout you can do at home!

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