Asheville, NC Weekend 2017

My friend Jenn’s birthday was this weekend, and her husband and sister-in-law collaborated and planned a day and a half trip to Asheville! There were 8 of us sans kids ready to explore the city!

The birthday girl and I!

We were the last to arrive and met everyone at Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar. What a cool place! There are tables within the isles of books and they serve a great cheese plate! Next time I go to Asheville I definitely want to spend more time here!

From there, we ended up going to lunch at Carmel’s Kitchen and Bar right down the street.

GUYS!!! I am such a newbie blogger!! The whole trip I would forget to take pictures of my food before I ate it!

This crab cake was so pretty before I cut it in half and ate a bite! (insert eye roll emoji)

My friend Janelle and I split the crab cake and this Candied Tomato and Brie Pizza. Both were so good!

And we drank some more rosé!

Then we went to Wicked Weed Brewery. That is one of the most popular breweries there and has some great beer! I like an IPA and they did not disappoint.

It started looking gloomy, so we decided to make our way somewhere else inside. On the way, it started pouring, so we ran into the first place we saw and had a drink until the rain passed.

Then, it was time for dinner! By far the highlight of the trip for me! Janelle made reservations at Cucina 24, an Italian restaurant that makes all their pasta fresh in house.

For appetizers, we shared FOUR orders of focaccia, beef carpaccio, castelvetrano olives, a cheese board and a whole radicchio (duck egg). And wine of course!

Beef carpaccio and the olives.



This was another time I epically failed at blog picture taking. I only got pictures of half the apps and then I totally forgot to snap pictures of Anthony and my dinners before we started eating. I’ll share them anyway though (another eye roll emoji).

I got Tagliatelle Bolognese. So good!

Anthony got rigatoni al’amatriciana…also, so good!

After dinner, we had a drink at The Imperial Life. Josh was really excited to sit next to Anthony!

Then to MG Road Bar and Lounge for a jello shot. Thanks Janelle!

The last spot we all went together was Hi-Wire Brewery for a beer. Clearly we made it to ALOT of places and now writing this I can’t believe I wasn’t sleeping by now!

Of course, I woke up and ran 6 miles at the hotel. Then we had brunch reservations at 10:45 at Limones.

Guess what?! ANOTHER picture fail! We had a tropical ceviche for an appetizer. I took a picture of it right before it was gone. I am finding my forgetfulness funny at this point.

I didn’t forget to take pictures of our entrees though! I had the spicy scrambled eggs with jalapenos, green onions, goat cheese, smoked salmon, red Spanish mojo and homefries. I actually don’t like salmon, but the rest of it sounded great (and was!) so I gave my salmon to others!

Anthony got BBQ Duck Confit burrito with guacamole, crema, jalapeno slaw, tomatilla-epazote salsa and a market salad.

We all shared some hot chocolate and churros with caramel sauce to end the meal.

We walked around a craft show type market for a little bit and then made our way to French broad chocolate lounge to get the girls something, and we ended up with something for us too!

Anthony ordered a milkshake and got me a little peanut butter chocolate.

Then I decided, what the heck, I’m going to try the sparkling shake. It was prosecco with icecream of your choice. I went with vanilla bean because I didn’t want anything crazy in with my champs. It was good…different…but good.

And there you have it! A day and a half in Asheville! We did a whole lot and had a blast! Happy Birthday Jennifer!

What is your favorite place to go in Asheville?!

Favorite Brewery?