An Early Christmas With Grandma and Papa Deano

Christmas came early in the Barber house this year! For the last couple years my parents decided to come down before the 25th and it works out really well! I mean, the girls had no objection to opening Christmas presents a week and a half early!

They ended up leaving on Wednesday, late morning, to try and bypass a snow storm coming to PA. They stayed in a hotel and then made it to our house Thursday morning! Hailey was in school when they got here, and another reason they left Wednesday was because they wanted to make it to Hailey’s holiday program Thursday afternoon. We unloaded all the presents into the basement and they hung out with Aurora and I until it was time to go to Hailey’s school. Anthony met us there too and we all watched Hailey sing and dance!

It was pajama day at Hailey’s school that day too if you were wondering why she is in PJ’s in all the pictures from Thursday! 

Aurora took a nap when we got home, so we waited for her to wake up and then we pretended it was Christmas morning!

At Hailey’s school, she had a winter wonderland store where she could pick out, buy and wrap presents with the help of the PTO. I gave her money for all of our immediate family and I have no idea what she picked out! My parents were the first ones to open their gifts and Papa Deano got a pen that says #1 Grandpa and Grandma got a pretty pink bracelet! They loved their presents and it was fun for me to see what Hailey picked out on her own!

My parents (my mom, really) went way overboard on gifts once again! The girls loved everything! Thanks mom and dad!

Anthony and I got a lot too! We were surprised to get an air fryer which we already cooked chicken wings and potatoes in and everything came out great! And I don’t think Anthony has put his Nintendo Switch down since getting Super Mario Odyssey from my parents!

After we opened presents, the girls played with their new toys and cuddled with Grandma and Papa Deano until they had to go to bed because it was a school night.

In the morning, my parents got Hailey on the bus and then took Aurora to breakfast before taking her to school.

I got my workout in and then met my parents out shopping. Then, we did something we haven’t done in years…we all went out to lunch without kids!

After lunch, the men went home and my mom and I went to get Aurora from school and when Hailey got home, the girls went back to playing with their presents! Hailey grew her first crystal and it was really cool!

Saturday morning, Hailey had her first basketball game, which I was excited my parents would be able to see, but she woke up not feeling well and she looked terrible, so we didn’t go! We hung around the house all morning and afternoon and she started feeling better, so we kept our dinner plans and went to Big Daddy’s.

Big Daddy’s is a seafood and steak restaurant that my parents have never been to but have wanted to try! All the food was really good and everyone left feeling stuffed!

They have a little shop in the lobby area and my mom bought the girls their first pair of wax lips! They thought they were hilarious!

We had a great visit with my parents and as usual, were sad to see them go!