Adding More Leniency to Your Life

When I was in high school and college, food and eating were the aspects of my life that I gave myself no leniency in. My eating disorder was harmful to me physically, but it was harmful to me socially as well. I was not the girlfriend or friend you could surprise plan something for or ask to go out last minute. What I was going to eat each day was planned in my head at in the morning and it would not be changed. That meant that going out to a restaurant, to the movies or to have drinks spur of the moment, was not an option for me. I always said no. If it was someone’s birthday on a Monday and they wanted to go for pizza and beer to celebrate, I wouldn’t go. I didn’t eat like that or drink on a Monday, so every Monday had to be the same.

Somehow I snapped out of the eating thing, which I am definitely happy about! I love a spontaneous date night! Now, however, working out is probably the number one thing I do not give myself much leniency in. Every Sunday, I run 8 miles, so if there is a Sunday where I can’t run in the morning, I beat myself up about it all day. We drive home from PA on Sundays a lot of the time, so when we get home around dinner time and have so much to unpack and pick up, I still try and get those miles in, which doesn’t make Anthony the happiest! If I just can’t run that day at all, I will either try and get my Sunday miles in on Saturday, which is usually my “off day,” and mentally decide that it still counts, or I will have to “make up the miles” during that week, which usually makes for really really long workouts a couple of days. But why? Why can’t I just miss a random day occasionally?

This weekend, I gave myself a little leniency, and I loved it! On Friday, Hailey was suppose to have her Fitness Fun Run, but it got postponed due to rain. I had planned to run four miles after she got on the bus, get ready take Aurora to school and then watch Hailey run. That is a very short workout for me, but I knew that was all I had time for that day. I have actually been a little more lenient with my workouts since Aurora went to preschool and it took a little to get used to (mentally) but I love having the extra time to get stuff done! I realized that when I get the chance to grocery shop BY MYSELF, when my house is clean and when my to-do list is empty, I am lot happier!

I am also not lenient with the girls bedtimes. On Saturday, at Hailey’s soccer game, my friend Brittany invited us over to watch football that evening. The girls are usually in bed by 8-830 on the weekends, but the girls were having a great time, and the adults were too, so we put Trolls on for the kids at 9:30PM and continued to hang out and watch football. By 10PM, Hailey was yelling out the window that Aurora fell asleep on the couch, and at 10:30PM, when we decided maybe it was time to take the girls home, Hailey and her friend Hailey had also fallen asleep on the couch!

The girls talked about how awesome their night was the whole next day! A little leniency went a long way!

On Monday, Aurora had her field trip to the pumpkin patch. Instead of stressing myself out and getting up at 5AM after a long, fun weekend, I slept until 6, got Hailey on the bus and then started my workout. I was only able to run 4 miles before it was time to shower and get Aurora and myself ready to go. I usually do 4 miles, a 30 minute Insanity class and free weights on Mondays. As soon I started to feel the stress of not getting in a great workout, I calmed down, remembered that I am doing this for Aurora and that my workout can wait. When we got home, I walked an extra two miles and did my free weights. Do what you can, when you can.

I am not saying to go out for pizza and beer everyday, or to stop working out all together, or to let your kids stay up until 10PM every night. But sometimes it’s good for the mind, body and soul to be lenient once in a while! And sometimes, it can makes others around you happy too!

What do you wish you were more lenient about in your own life?