A Surprise Mini Baby Shower (almost gone wrong)

One of my closest friends, Jaime, is pregnant with her third baby girl, due at the beginning of next month. I knew I wanted to do something for her before the baby comes, and when I was talking with a couple other girls from my women’s life group, they were thinking the same thing!

It was my turn to host our women’s group on October 11, so I thought that would be a good time to try and do something for her. I figured that most of the ladies would be able to make it since it was an already scheduled life group date, and I was also hoping that Jaime herself wouldn’t cancel because it was already on her calendar.

The plan was to just have everyone come to life group as planned that day, and then I would decorate the basement for her little shower and we would all walk down there and surprise her. I am not sure I should even call it a shower (maybe a sprinkle?), but we basically just used our social time of life group to eat cake and give Jaime a couple gifts!

On Monday and Tuesday I got my house ready, picked up decorations and gifts and ordered the cake and balloons. I talked to Jaime on Monday, and she said she was coming, so all seemed like it was going as planned!

On Wednesday morning, the morning of our women’s group and the surprise shower, I got up at 5AM to get my workout in early so I could shower, get the house straighten up and go pick up the cake and balloons.

It was also Aurora’s picture day at school. I wanted Anthony to take her out of the house as early as possible so she wouldn’t mess it up, so he ended up taking her to get a bagel and I just prayed she didn’t get food all over herself or ruin her hair in the process!

My attempt at a before school pictures picture, but I was in a rush, she was kind of moving and she wouldn’t give up “zebra” and her babies clothes. 

When I ordered the cake, I asked them if they could lay some fresh flowers on top and they took me over to the florist and I put an order for what I wanted. Well, when I got the cake it was nothing like I pictured. The flowers where in a bouquet-like arrangement that was super tall! I wanted a couple white roses laid on top of the cake nicely with some baby’s breath around them. I took a picture of the cake in the back of the store and quickly called my sister, who is a pastry chef, and asked her what she thought and what I should do.

She said it didn’t look that bad, but I could pull the bouquet straight out if I wanted to and try and place the roses and baby’s breath right on the cake like I wanted to.

This is more what I was going for, but I am so not crafty. 

After I fixed the cake, which left me a little frazzled, I went to go put the balloons around and they were all tied together like four times, super tight, and I couldn’t cut the strings because they were tied up at the top too.

As I am frantically trying to untie these balloons before anyone shows up, Jaime texts me. She was up all night, her all-day morning sickness is back and she doesn’t feel well…she isn’t coming.

I was extra emotional that day and the cake and balloons were an unexpected annoyance for a busy morning, so I broke down in tears. I called Jaime (half crying) and asked her to come for just 15 minutes. I told her I couldn’t tell her why, but that she really needed to come. She said okay. PHEW! I am sure at this point she knew we were doing something for the her and the baby, but I was hoping she thought we were giving her a gift and that maybe the cake and decorations would be a surprise.

Well, it turns out, Jaime actually thought I was pregnant!! And she came because she thought I was telling everyone that day. (DISCLAIMER: definitely NOT pregnant!)

It was a crazy morning with several little bumps in the road, but it all turned out good in the end. I just wanted Jaime to feel special and to know she has a lot of support when baby number three comes, and I think we accomplished that! Thank you to all the ladies who helped make this special morning for Jaime a success!

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