A Day in the Life…

I wanted to do a post about what a day in our house looks like. I decided to document what we did on Monday. If I hadn’t already decided to name the post “a day in the life…,” I would have named it “What a day looks like with a crazy two year old!” There is never a dull moment with Aurora, and Monday was no different.

I set my alarm to get up at 6:15. That is pretty normal. I am a snoozer, so I finally got out of bed by 6:30. Aurora was up and playing in her bed already, and Hailey has a night light that turns green when she can come down (at 7AM), so she came down then.

Usually morning time is the only time the girls see Anthony, but he had to leave before they woke up Monday, so it was just the three of us for the day! Aurora had a morning surprise for me (a poopy diaper), so she was dressed at breakfast, which never happens. I almost had to change her outfit again after breakfast because of how messy she is!

I packed there snack bags for the Y.

They don’t eat all those snacks. I give them options because they are hit or miss on certain snacks depending on the day.

I got the girls ready. Aurora’s hair was done but she found some bobby pins she HAD TO WEAR, so I had to re-do her hair…even though she hates having her hair done.

She looks happy, but those bobby pins HAD TO HAPPEN!

We made it to the Y…that is NOT the hard part! Aurora has to get out by herself and it HAD to be the front passenger seat today.

Then, I thought we were golden…they were running to the door!!

Oh wait…flowers.

I was kidding about thinking we were golden…this happens everyday.

Then, not pictured, Aurora randomly had a meltdown when I was about to leave her in childwatch. Luckily, she snapped out of it after I left and I was able to get my workout in.

When they leave the childwatch, Ms. Jan, the awesome lady who checks the girls in, has dum-dum suckers for the kids. I kid you not that it takes Aurora a good 3-5 minutes to pick a flavor. She goes through several suckers before she finds the one she wants, and usually she ends up with the same one she started with!

Got one! Nope…she went back after this.

When we got home from the Y, I started making breakfast for myself and I heard something strange from Aurora. She had taken her shorts off and ran up the stairs. She is not allowed to go upstairs and she knows that but obviously didn’t care today.

I ate my breakfast and then had to lock Aurora in my room with me so she didn’t go up the stairs while I was in the shower. I was in the middle of my shower and she ran in to show me what she just found…

She got my purse, found the brightest red lipstick I own…and this happened. 

After I cleaned Aurora and everything else the lipstick got on, the girls made their lunch. I find that if they are involved in the cooking process (though this is not cooking…they made sandwiches) they are more apt to eat it.

We played upstairs in the playroom before it was naptime for Aurora.

When Aurora fell asleep, Hailey wanted to play upstairs still and do her chores for the day. We recently started a chore chart and she is really excited about it! I am glad I got all my house cleaning done on the weekend because I usually use this time to clean, but I got to play with Hailey instead.

She made her bed.

And watered the flowers on the front porch.

Then Aurora woke up and Hailey wanted to get her.

They decided they wanted to swim, so they had an early dinner outside and then got into the pool!

We invited our neighbors over to swim too! Sutton is too cute!

We had a dance party, made some popcorn and watched TV before bed. Then, I got the vacuum out to sweep the couch and floor around the couch because of said popcorn.

Aurora had to get her workout in before bed, haha.

Then we went upstairs around 8:30 to read some books and wait for daddy to call to say good night.

After the girls went to bed, I planted myself on the couch to watch a little TV before I went to bed.

This is a good example of what life looks like around here on a daily basis!

What do you do to keep busy with you kids during the week? 



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  1. Definitely a schedule! Outside if possible and a little learning time to keep fresh in mind! Swimming is a daily happening but with babies I need to find floaties that don’t make them lay on backs.

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