A Day in the Life of a SAHM, 6 Year Old and 2 Year Old

The last time I did a “day in the life” post, I remember it being a crazy day with Aurora not listening and me having a lot of good material, if that’s what you want to call it. The girls weren’t in school, so I am sure that this day will look a lot different!

Yesterday started like any other school day. My alarm went off at 6AM. I snoozed once, then got up, turned on the coffee and by 6:20, I was waking Hailey up to get ready for school. She came downstairs, ate breakfast and wanted to practice her reading.

I packed her backpack with her lunch and all her things for Girl Scouts, which was after school that day. Then, she got dressed, brushed her teeth and I did her hair. Today was her Fitness Fun Run, so she put her sneakers on and was ready to go out and wait for the bus!

Anthony got Hailey on the bus, which is around 7AM each day, and I went down in the basement to get my workout in. Today, I just ran 6 miles on the treadmill.

When I was done, around 8AM, I came upstairs to find Anthony all ready for work and Aurora just getting up! She slept in…late! She is usually up by 630-7oo. Anthony fed her breakfast and changed her while I took a shower. It was orange day at school for Aurora so her and Hailey wore their matching outfits from Gammie!

I laid out Aurora’s book bag, coat and shoes. Much like every other day, Aurora did not like my shoe choice. For some reason she always wants to wear shoes that don’t match her outfit AT ALL! At least today she wanted to wear Hailey’s old, worn down black shoes instead of her brand new ones. Still frustrating, but at least I didn’t have to fight her about wearing bright pink shoes!

She looked at daddy proud like she beat me this time! However, I definitely won, because she at least wore shoes that match her outfit and there were no tears in the process!

Anthony took Aurora to school so I got the toilets and bathrooms cleaned and continued to get ready. I am so excited we finally have FALL temperatures here! I put on some warmer clothes and headed off to see Hailey run in her Fitness Fun Run!

It was such a cute event! They had a starting line and played fun, loud music to amp up the kids to keep running! ANNDDD her school raised over $40,000 with the donations from the run, which is awesome! Thanks again for all who donated in Hailey’s behalf!

After the run, I still had about two hours until I had to pick up Aurora, so I ran some errands and then ended up at Target…shocker! Molly blogged about mules the other day and included these beauties in some of the ones she liked under $100. These were actually one of my favorites that she posted about and I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were from Target and were only $25! Now, I have no idea what I am going to wear these with, but I bought them because they were the last pair in my size and I just kind of love them!

After shopping, I picked Aurora up from preschool and we stayed after to play on the playground for a little bit.

I told her no less than 20 times not to fight me on leaving and that when it was time to go, it was time to go. She obviously got her selective hearing from Anthony. She fought me several times, until I had to pick her up and carry her out screaming and crying. (Not before I snapped a picture for this blog post, haha) Hashtag real life.

Aurora fell asleep for her nap in the car on the way from preschool like always, so I transferred her into her bed.

Then, it was time for me to unpack the car and get started on this blog post! I was starving and wanted something quick, so I popped a mini bag of popcorn and had a La Croix.

Aurora woke up a little less than an hour before we had to go get Hailey. It was a shorter nap probably because she woke up so late this morning. She had a little snack and we played for a little bit.

We went to pick Hailey up from Girl Scouts and then stopped at the house at the top of road to look at all the Halloween blow ups! This family does this every year for Halloween and Christmas and the girls love it!

They had a snack when they got home, and dinner shortly after.

In the middle of dinner, Aurora decided she wanted to eat on a yellow plate instead of a blue one, and she had a mini meltdown when I wouldn’t move her food to a new plate. Oh Aurora!

We tried to roast our pumpkin seeds from when we carved the pumpkins Sunday, but apparently they get moldy if you don’t cook them right away. I was so bummed. Mom fail.

The girls got early showers because it has been a busy week already and we decided we would stay in for the night. Aurora was caught going upstairs while it was Hailey’s turn to shower. I ended up letting her play in the playroom by herself with constant yells to make sure was okay and constant check-in’s. She did pretty good!

I let them watch their phone and IPad for a little bit while I cleaned up, threw in some laundry, swept and swiffered the floors. For some reason, they both like to sit/lay in my room on the floor, on either side of the bed. I think a comfy couch or actually on the bed would be a lot more comfortable!

Then, the girls had a snack. They picked Oreos which I was not thrilled about for several reasons, but I said yes anyway. I do a little happy dance ever night when I have cleaned up the last meal/snack that Aurora has to eat that day. She is still so messy!!!

The girls brushed their teeth and then we read some books. Aurora wasn’t happy that Hailey was reading and not me. When Anthony isn’t home, it is really a struggle to get reading time in with Hailey without Aurora ruining it. Hopefully that doesn’t stall her learning how to read.

At 7:30, it was time for Hailey to go bed. Aurora followed shortly after. I immediately regretted starting laundry because I was exhausted and just wanted to chill out. I folded and put away the laundry (except for the girls because they were sleeping), finished this blog and then watched some TV before bed.

This was a good example of a normal day for us! Filled with busyness, fun, tantrums and bed!



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    1. I didn’t see you either! The mules are a little out of my comfort zone, but hopefully I can figure out what to wear with them!! I love them too!

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