Hi! My name is Danielle and I’m a 30 year old mom of two girls, Hailey (5 1/2) and Aurora (almost 2). I’ve been married for almost 9 years to Anthony, who I met where I grew up in Erie, PA. I graduated from Penn State, Erie with a degree in Communications and Media Studies and am now a SAHM in Mooresville, NC, near Charlotte. 

I did a lot of writing in college, I journal everyday and I read a lot of blogs, so I decided to finally start one of my own. 

The name “life of a mom from A to Z” kind of sums up my life. The “A” stands for anorexia and the “Z” for Zinfandel. In highschool and college I suffered from an eating disorder that landed me in an inpatient facility and basically ran my whole life for many many years. Though something like that never completely goes away, I’m happy to say that my husband, my girls, running and my love for wine…and cheese…and IPA…and pizza…you get it, has helped me maintain a non-restrictive lifestyle. 

This blog will be a space for me to share my days with my two little girls, recipes, my current running and fitness training, and some deeper topics like anorexia and my elective double mastectomy due to having the BRCA2 mutation. I hope you all enjoy it- Happy reading!