Five on Friday #13

Another strange, fast paced week over here! We got back from Pennsylvania on Monday night and raced against the clock to unpack, grocery shop and get ready for Hailey’s second day of kindergarten the next morning! Hailey also had soccer Tuesday night and then Wednesday was Aurora’s first day of preschool AND Hailey’s sixth birthday, so I didn’t feel even a slight sign of relief until Thursday! It looks like we have a pretty low key weekend planned and then will wait and see what Hurricane Irma has planned for the Lake Norman area!!

ONE- I am going to back up to our trip to PA. We lucked out with Hailey’s scattered start to kindergarten and left Thursday morning instead of Friday after school, which is originally what we thought we would have to do. It gave us an extra day and a half and made a whole world of a difference!

On Friday, we took the girls to the Erie Zoo. It was the perfect size z00 for their ages! The highlight was the train ride!

Aurora didn’t like most of the “big, scary” animals. A big monkey was banging on the glass at her and she was not happy about it! Grandma didn’t mind him though!

It is so nice to have a zoo so close to Grandma and Papa’s house! My niece, Claire, goes all the time and was excited to show us the ropes!

After nap time on Friday, we went to Erie Brewing Company, which is right next to Penn State, Behrend, where I went to college. Smart location if you ask me! They had a bunch of good IPA options, which is my beer of choice, so I was definitely a fan! My brother-in-law even bought me some to bring home! Thanks Brian!

The little ones loved the food too!

Saturday, I met Carrie and Kara, my friends from high school, and their two beautiful daughters, Norah and Lily, out for breakfast! Aurora and Hailey came to say “hi,” but then left with Anthony to do some more visiting!

Anthony and my dad had their Fantasy Football draft that day, so the girls stayed home and baked cupcakes and hung out until bedtime!

Sunday was Hailey’s birthday party, along with several others on my mom’s side of the family. We haven’t been to Erie since March, so we even celebrated Aurora’s birthday!

Disclaimer: Aurora is NOT drinking a bud light and scratching a lottery ticket in this picture!! Haha!

We had a fun trip and can’t wait until next time!

TWO- Speaking of trips, I really hope I don’t have to make a trip back to Erie too soon…like maybe this weekend because of Hurricane Irma!!! It looks like the Charlotte area is going to be affected by this one, and I’m starting to freak out a bit! Prayers to all those in its path!

THREE- I did run to Target and stock up JUST IN CASE! Aurora and I went while Hailey was at school and I let her look around in the dollar section. They have a TON of Fall and Halloween items right now and I’m loving it! I picked up these wine glass, just because! They were only $3 for a pack of two and had a few different Halloween sayings on them!

FOUR- While we were in Erie, we also did a little shopping and I got some super cute sandals on sale for like 7 or 8 dollars!

I can’t wait to wear these on Saturday with my jersey! WE ARE!!

FIVE- I would feel weird writing this blog without mentioning all the milestones that have happened this week! (Even though everything is plastered all over my Facebook and Instagram!!)

As you know, Hailey started Kindergarten last week, and this week Aurora started Preschool…and she started it on Hailey’s 6th Birthday!

And of course I made a collage of Hailey…one picture for every year! *Insert crying face emoji*

Hailey gets to pick any restaurant to go to on her birthday, and she picked the same restaurant two years in a row! We love Alino pizzeria as much as she does, so there was no complaining here! Her Gammie and cousin, Anthony, even made it to dinner with us!

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and to those who may be affected my Hurricane Irma, stay safe!!