Impromptu Date Night

Saturday morning, my mother-in-law offered to take the girls over night because my nephew, Anthony, was already sleeping over that night. We had no plans that day after Hailey’s basketball game, so we happily said yes to a random date night!

Hailey and Hailey at basketball pictures! A big thanks to Brittany for taking this! I was at home waiting back with Aurora until actual game time!

Hailey scored four points at her game on Saturday and played good defense! She is really getting the hang of basketball.

Gammie and little Anthony came to Hailey’s basketball game and took the girls home with them, so Anthony and I decided to go to lunch and walk around an antique shop sans kids.

We went to Barcelona Burger which is always good, and then we went to the antique shop connected to the restaurant. We were looking for a present for Papa Keith’s birthday, which we were hosting on Sunday.

Classic burger (that I ate with only half the bun) and roasted veggies

After lunch and shopping, Anthony and I went home and did some housework and picked up some things for the Sunday birthday party.

We had plans to go out for drinks with our friends Scott and Donna, so we decided to go grab dinner first. We tried a new-to-us Sushi restaurant next to the wine bar we were meeting at called Sushi at the Lake T00.

We shared two sushi rolls and a hibachi chicken plate. All very good!

After dinner, we went to Wine Maestro for some drinks.

They close at 10PM so we ended up going over to Scott and Donna’s house after. We always have a blast with them!

Sunday, Anthony and I went to breakfast, I ran eight miles and then we got the house ready for Papa Keith’s birthday party.

Hailey and Gammie made a ice cream sandwich cake!  Yum!

Everyone had a great weekend!

JORD Wooden Watches: The Perfect Gift for your Valentine + a GIVEAWAY!

Lately, I’ve been trying to get more into fashion and beauty products…mid life crisis, maybe!? Remember when I bought alllll the makeup? Or when I got those gorgeous pink mules. Well, when JORD reached out to do a collaboration, I took one look at their website and I was in!

JORD wooden watches are beautiful and right on trend! Pair them with as many bracelets as your heart desires or simply wear it by itself.

They have both men’s and women’s wooden watches and so many choices of each! I chose the Purpleheart & Plum from the Frankie series. I love the color and it goes with so many things in my closet.

Anthony and I went on a date night and I wore my JORD watch that night!

You know when you are sitting at the bar waiting for your table and you keep checking your phone to see what time it is, and then you see that Facebook notification or that email waiting to be read. Well, that usually takes me into a phone spiral and then I miss out on chatting with Anthony and play on my phone instead. I loved wearing my JORD Frankie on date night because it helped me stay present at dinner and I wasn’t checking my phone every three minutes!

You can also “mom” in the watch too! (Yes, I used that as a verb) Obviously, being a slave, I mean mom, is what I do 99 percent of the time, so I love how comfortable this watch is and how I can now look a bit more fashionable while being a personal chauffeur.

What better accessory to a watch than my friends new sweet baby!! 

Now here’s the fun part! A GIVEAWAY! One lucky reader will get $100 credit towards their own JORD wooden watch! Or, use it towards a watch for the special someone in your life for Valentine’s Day! You can even have the watch engraved for your loved ones!

Click HERE to enter!!

Don’t worry! If you don’t win the giveaway, all my readers who enter the contest will get 10% off their purchase! You have until February 24th to enter the giveaway. JORD will pick a winner and I will announce it here on the blog and email the winner too!

Wooden Wrist Watch

Super Bowl Party 2018

It was Hailey’s first full week of school last week since before Christmas and she was certainly feeling it! On Friday night, she was so tired asked to go to bed at 5PM!

She slept in Saturday morning and then we headed to her basketball game. After the game, her and I went out to lunch and then she had her first ever Girl Scout cookie booth.

This is how Aurora watched part of the game, haha! 

I guess one night of decent sleep wasn’t enough to get her back on track because when we went home to get ready for her school’s Father/Daughter dance, she hit a major wall! There were lots of tears, which is so unlike her, so we decided to let her take a 45 minute nap and be a little late for the dance.

When she woke up, I got her ready really quick and then they were off!

She had a blast!

She slept in even later on Sunday morning which was just what I was hoping for because we were having some friends over for the Super Bowl!

After an eight mile run, it was time to starting prepping for the big game!

I didn’t end up taking a lot of pictures that night which I was bummed about! I did get some pictures of the snacks I had out before anyone came.

Cheese plates

Soft pretzel tray

Spinach dip and buffalo chicken dip

Meatballs with hot pepper jelly and Sriracha garlic BBQ sauce- great combo!

We actually had meatballs for dinner too but I really wanted to try the sauce combo on those ones above, so I made them anyway! Anthony made his Italian Grandma’s meatball recipe and they were a hit!

Brittany made Texas Caviar and it was delicious! I can’t believe I’ve never made it myself and that is definitely going to change! Jaime brought desserts which were all so good! She made a toffee cake and two different kinds of edible cookie dough! Yum! Needless to say, no one went home hungry!

And here are some of the kids crammed around a small table eating! We are missing Colton, Livia and Stella in this kids picture!

I also took a picture on Hailey’s instax camera for her and I thought it turned out great! She put it up on her vanity mirror in her room which I thought was the cutest!

It was a good game, good halftime show and a great time with friends!

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Making this list was harder than I thought it would be. I started my list with things like, my least favorite chore is putting sheets and pillow cases back on the bed, and that I hate trimming raw chicken. COMPELLING STUFF…I KNOW! I actually read my “first list” to my sister over the phone and after we were done wiping our tears away from laughing so hard and realizing how uninteresting I really am, she helped me edit my list a bit. Thanks Jess!

1- I got engaged when I was 21 and married at age 22. My parents are high school sweethearts (and so are my sister and her husband). Anthony and I are not, but we did get married pretty young. I guess I just grew up seeing my parents love as an example and when I met Anthony, I just knew he was it! This year we will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary in July! Crazy!

2- Anthony proposed to me in the Outer Banks with both of our families there and a lot of my extended family there too! My grandma rented a beach house for my moms side of the family in summer 2007 and we packed it with almost 30 people.

When we got there in the late afternoon of the first day, Anthony told me he had something for me and that he wanted to give it to me down by the ocean. He had a blanket and a big, wrapped present so I had NO IDEA this was coming! I opened the present on our blanket, at the beach, staring at the ocean and it was scrapbook that Anthony had made! It was amazing!! He put so much thought into each page. It actually might be worth doing a whole post about it some day!

Before the proposal. He looks nervous and anxious…and I have no clue!

The second to last page said “Families Come Together So…” with pictures of both our families…and then when I flipped to the last page it said, “Will You Marry Me?,” with a picture of the ring, and he was pulling it out of his pocket!

Everyone was waiting for us to come back and celebrate!

3 I ALWAYS sing in the car. I even strategically pull up to red lights so I am not directly next to the cars in the other lanes so I can sing without an audience. When Anthony and I took our first road trip to NC from PA in college for me to meet his mom (this was before we were engaged) it was 9 hours of me not singing along to the music in the car, and it was so hard! I wasn’t overly comfortable with him at that point, so I didn’t want to belt out Mariah Carey just yet! I bet he wishes it was still that way!

4 Our junior year of college, Anthony and I took a spring break trip to Jamaica. We stayed for our 5 days and then went to the airport to leave (this was also my first time ever flying in an airplane) and there was a big snow/ice storm in PA and other Northern states so we could not get home. Because the weather issue was considered “an act of God,” they weren’t able to put us up anywhere to stay, so we ended up paying for another night at our resort and changing our flight the next day to go to NC (his family lived there so we would have a place to stay), where we would rent a car to go back to PA and make it to school.

Well, we got to the airport the next day and the pilot and crew for our flight to NC were stuck in the storm, so because our flight was canceled due to the crew not being there, the airline set us up in a new, way fancier resort for free for two days until we could get home.

You would think I would have been so excited because we got to stay for free in a new resort in sunny Jamaica, but no…I was crying and calling my parents, which made their phone bill an extra $300! I also spent a lot of time trying to email all my professors from the computer in the lobby of the resort to make sure they knew why I wouldn’t be at school and asking them to give me all the assignments I would need so I could work from Jamaica (yes, I brought my books). Boy, has technology changed since then!

I would like to make it clear that if I got stuck at a beautiful resort in Jamaica today, I would not be upset this time!

5 Anthony and I met at Smokey Bones BBQ restaurant. We were both waiters there in college. We both were dating other people, but had the same love for playing poker, so I would go over to his friends house every week and play. As soon as we both ended up single, we started dating, and the rest is history!

6My dad was my softball coach in Little League growing up, and I went on to play softball throughout high school too. I was either the pitcher or played second base. I was also a Cheerleader in middle school and high school.

7- I had a double mastectomy at age 29. I talk about my double mastectomy journey here.

8- I graduated from college with a 3.99 GPA. I got an A- in the last semester of my senior year and I was totally bummed. I still got to carry the sign and sit on stage at graduation.

My friend, Kara, and I at graduation! 

9- I use exclamation marks and emojis way too much when texting. I am definitely a people pleaser and I want to make sure everyone knows that my “text voice” is for sure positive and happy!

10- I jumped off a swing in my back yard growing up and broke my arm in two places. My dad didn’t actually believe me at first and then he saw my arm was in the shape of an “S” and my parents took me to the hospital.

There you have it! 10 things about me! Thanks for reading!


Snow Day House Organizing

I was so unproductive the first two snow days last week. My house was a mess, we played in the snow, ate bad food…it was fun, but on Friday, the third snow day, I knew I had to accomplish SOMETHING after sitting inside for 72 hours!

I follow some home organizers on Instagram and I am always so jealous of their work! I recently saw some organized pantry pictures so I had an itch to organize mine. And mine was bad!!


When we built our house, we didn’t have a coat/cleaning closet, which I totally miss! We have kept most of our cleaners and brooms in the pantry because it’s big and the littlest child couldn’t get in. Well, Aurora can now open doors, so it really doesn’t matter where anything is at this point. I moved all the cleaners and brooms under the sink or in the laundry room which gave us a lot of space for actual panty items.

During Aurora’s nap on Friday, Hailey (for a little bit) and I went to work.

So many garbage bags full of expired and stale food! I am so glad I did it because I feel like it looks so much better now!

When Aurora woke up from her nap, I decided I wanted to get some containers to store some of the food in, so we went to Target.

I tried to put “groups” of food in certain containers. It has helped to minimize boxes and make it look “cleaner.”

I still have a couple more containers to buy, but I am so excited about how it looks!

I even got so excited that I cleaned out the lazy susan.

I found an unopened parsley that expired in 2015…so clearly, it needed to be done.

On a productivity standpoint, we also got both girls Valentine’s done!

And then, Hailey and Aurora made their own mini cake.

After two days of just playing and having a great time, I am glad we got something in the house cleaned! Now for the refrigerator…