Hailey’s First 5K

I love to run! Every time I have run a race up until now, I would train and try to medal. This race was a little different in a couple different ways. Hailey and I ran the Pay it Forward 5K in Mooresville this past Saturday. Since it was just the two of us signed up, I knew I would have to run at her pace. It was definitely weird to run a race and not worry about my time.

The premise of this race was so so cool! When you crossed the finish line, you got a water bottle with money it in. The amounts ranged anywhere between $10-$500! When you got your money, it was up to you how you wanted to “pay it forward.” We ran the race with a couple girls from Hailey’s Girl Scout troop, so we knew that our money was going to that!

Hailey has been training once a week. Nothing hard core, just a two mile jog/walk on our hilly road. She usually stops to walk quite a bit when we run together so I was expecting the same thing at the race. She totally surprised me and ran ALOT of the time!

They had water at the one and two mile marks and she thought it was the coolest thing…especially when you just threw your cup on the ground and kept going! I made sure she knew that this is the only time it is acceptable to litter!

Hailey finished with a chip time of 40:17! I was so impressed!

The first time was our gun time…we started pretty far back. 

We got our water bottles after the race and ended up getting $240 total for her Girl Scout troop for service projects!! So cool! I had $200 in mine and Hailey had $40 in hers!

Anthony and Aurora came at the end to cheer us on at the finish line!

Both girls got their faces painted and they were both pretty excited about the table that had bagels and donuts!

This was by far the best race I am ever run because I got to run with Hailey. She was so motivated throughout the whole race and was so proud of herself for completing it. I was so proud too! And the fact that we got to give $240 to her troop was pretty awesome!

Now we are off to Erie, PA to spend time with family for Thanksgiving! Have a great holiday everyone! You will hear from me next week!

Five on Friday #22

Happy Friday! It will be nice to have a normal weekend right before we leave for PA for Thanksgiving! I am excited to spend time with family, and Anthony and I are taking a quick trip to Ann Arbor to go to the Michigan vs Ohio State game! Here are my five on Friday…

ONE- Aurora had her “Corncake feast” at preschool this week. It is their Thanksgiving celebration complete with pancakes, applesauce and jello! They sang songs for the parents and it was super cute!

TWO- We already decorated for Christmas! It might seem too soon, but like I said at the top, we are going to PA for Thanksgiving, so it is way easier to come home to an already decorated house and not have to worry about it! Plus, who doesn’t love a couple extra days to be in the Christmas spirit!

THREE- I went to get gas at Harris Teeter the other day and saw these at the pump. Maybe I didn’t get the memo and these have been around for a while, but I think they are a great idea!

However, I didn’t use one and then grabbed my phone after touching the gas pump to take this picture, so I guess I should take them up on the offer and wear one next time!

FOUR- Hailey and I made perfect “no-bakes” this week! If you don’t know what a “no-bake cookie” is, the way you make them is to boil  butter, sugar, milk and cocoa powder and let is boil for ONE MINUTE and then add peanut butter, vanilla and oats. The ONE MINUTE boil is super important and if you don’t do it right, they turn out mushy. Ours hardened perfectly and were so good!!

FIVE- We got back from Colorado Sunday late afternoon and then Anthony had to go to Chicago early Tuesday morning. He only saw the girls for a couple minutes on Monday morning too, so I think Hailey was feeling a little sad that we had a lot of traveling pushed into one week. She made him this note and I thought it was the sweetest thing!!

Hopefully our trip to PA will reset her and gear her up for the Holidays!

That’s it for me today! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Parents Getaway to Denver, Colorado Part 2

Here is the second part of our vacation! We left off on Friday afternoon. After we ate tacos and burgers at 5280 Burger Bar, we headed back to the hotel for a bit. As we were walking in, Andrew McMahon, the singer we came to Colorado to see, was walking out of our hotel! Anthony and I were both star struck and froze. He was moving at a pretty quick pace out the door, but we definitely regret not saying anything!

Around 3 o’clock we decided to go back to the restaurant we ate lunch at on Thursday, Rialto Café , because we knew they had an awesome happy hour!

Anthony’s Moscow Mule was $5 and my Cab was $4! A big thumbs up to that!

When we started to get hungry, we ordered the mussels, which were great!

Then, a little while later, we order filet mignon nachos. I have never had steak on nachos before but I would definitely do it again!

After that, we decided to go find another brewery to hang out at for the rest of the night. We went back to our hotel and took an Uber to Spangalang Brewery.

We decided to play scrabble and sip on some beer until we were ready to go back to the hotel.

And like the crazy parents we are, we were in bed really early Friday night too!

Again, we woke up around 5AM…WHYYYY!!!!! I worked out in the hotel gym again and then we got ready to go to breakfast. One of the more popular breakfast spots in downtown Denver is Syrup. I saw someone with the Ultimate Bloody Mary, so I had to try it! It had a skewer of pepper jack cheese, olives, spicy capicola and pepperoncini…YUM! Anthony opted for a hot chocolate, which was really good too!

The food pictures aren’t amazing, but it all tasted good! They have “smashed tots” as their potato, and they did not skimp on those! I kind of wish they would have had breakfast potatoes or hash browns as an option instead. I could have done without the tots.

I got the Jalapeno Popper omelet, which had bacon, jalapenos, jalapeno cream cheese and cheddar cheese. Anthony got their signature benedict called The Cherry Creeker, which was made with slow cooked corned beef hash.

After breakfast, we went back to our hotel to chill out and watch some football…it is so awesome that college football starts at 10AM there! Then, around 11AM, we made our way out to walk about and find a place to watch football before the concert. We ended up at Burnt Barrel. We started out with some sodas because at this point we were so exhausted from the time difference and all of the going out. Then, we got some boneless dry-rub chicken wings to share and I didn’t think boneless wings were blog worthy at the time so I didn’t take a picture. Well, I was wrong. These boneless wings were amazing. Burnt Barrel uses as many locally sourced ingredients in all their menu items as they can, which I thought was great.

After we had the boneless wings, we decided to move to the bar and order some drinks. The concert doors opened at 5 and we had to go to will call and pick up our tickets before that, so we decided to share a philly cheesesteak because we knew we weren’t going to be able to eat dinner.

We went back to our hotel to freshen up and then took an Uber to the concert venue, The Ogden Theatre.

We got our tickets around 4PM and the line was already over 100 people long. It was a very intimate concert, so 100 people in line was a lot! Luckily, there was a brewery right next door called Alpine Dog Brewing Co., so we hung out there and had a drink before getting in line.

We got VIP tickets this time, which allowed us upper level access, and we ended up getting a really good spot right by the railing and could see everything!

The concert was awesome and lasted until almost 10:30PM. We didn’t get to bed until midnight that night, which was WAYY different then the previous two nights, and when our alarms went off at 5AM to get up for the airport the next morning, we had finally got used to the time change and DID NOT WANT TO GET UP!!

I was exhausted all day Sunday, but it was totally worth it! We had a great trip and the concert was definitely the highlight!

Although it is nice to have some time away without the girls, we both missed them so so much while we were gone and couldn’t wait to hug and cuddle them on Sunday afternoon!

Denver, Colorado is an awesome place and I would go back for sure! I couldn’t talk Anthony into going on hike with me this time, but next time it is definitely on my list!


Parents Getaway to Denver, Colorado Part 1

Anthony and I had such a fun weekend in Denver, CO. Our reason for going was because one of our favorite singer/bands was playing a benefit concert. Andrew McMahon was the lead singer of Something Corporate and Jacks Mannequin, both bands Anthony and I listened to in college. His current band is called Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. He was diagnosed with leukemia and started a foundation called the Dear Jack Foundation, which helps adolescents and young adults with cancer. He does this benefit concert every year and all the proceeds go to the Dear Jack Foundation. Last year, Anthony and I went to the concert in Orange County, CA and absolutely loved it, and this year we were so excited we were able to go again. The reason it is such a good concert is because he sings songs from all three of the bands and brings back old band members to play with him too!

My mother-in-law, Stephanie, came out to our house Wednesday night because we had to leave at 5:30AM to go to the airport the next morning. I just want to make sure it is known how much we appreciate her watching the girls for us, especially for such a long time! The girls are so lucky to have such a wonderful Gammie!


Just landed! 

Because of the time difference, we ended up landing in Denver around 9AM. After a 40 minute Uber ride to our hotel, Kimpton Hotel Monaco Denver, we were starving so we freshened up and made our way to a Denver-time early lunch. We went to Rialto Café, which was recommended to us by hotel staff and I also had it on my list of places to eat from my research.

We started our lunch with Bloody Mary’s… I mean, we were on vacation after all!

I went with the veggie burger and Anthony got the regular burger.  I eat mine with no bun so that I won’t feel as guilty eating some of the fries, and I am so glad I decided to do that because these were maybe the best fries I ever had! They were all seasoned and cooked perfectly! Anthony also got a cup of French onion soup, which was also really good!

After lunch, we decided to walk around and explore a bit and we ended up at a Brewery. Jagged Mountain Brewery was the first of many breweries we visited on our trip. I swear Denver does not make a bad IPA!! Anthony was happy with all of his beers too! He is more of a Belgian beer guy. We hung out there for a couple drinks and then decided to explore a little more.

Our next stop was to Great Divide Brewery.

Again, all the beer was really good!

We started to get hungry, so we decided to go to happy hour at Range. Happy hour in Denver is ridiculous. Most restaurants have it from 3-6, and they have great drink and food specials! We tried the candied habanero bacon and OH…MY…GOSH!! I am not even a big bacon fan, but this was FANTASIC! Probably the best thing I ate all trip!

We decided to head back to the hotel around 5:30PM where they were offering a free beer and wine happy hour for hotel guests. We each got a drink and went back to our room. We maybe took two sips and decided we were exhausted and couldn’t drink anymore. We ordered a pizza and were in bed by 8PM. Parents gone wild! Ha! In our defense, we did get up at 4:30AM and then had a two hour time difference, so technically it was 10PM our time when we went to bed!

Friday morning we were up at 5AM, ugh! We got a workout in at the hotel gym and then drank some coffee and got ready for the day.

We picked a place for breakfast and it did not disappoint. It was called The Delectable Egg. I got a Mexican omelet with chorizo and Anthony got a green chili and chorizo benedict.

After breakfast, we decided to do some shopping on 16th Street Mall. That is a street in downtown Denver where they have little shops and restaurants all down it and then there is an outdoor two story mall also. We bought some souvenirs and a couple other things and then decided to go to 5280 Burger Bar and split a few things for lunch. We split the Carnitas Street Tacos, which had slow roasted pulled pork, pickled onion, cabbage and a cilantro aioli, and we ordered two specialty sliders. Anthony got a lamb slider and I got a spicy one with regular beef. We were both really impressed with the food there!

I apparently should have called this post, “Eating and Drinking Our Way Through Denver, Colorado,” because that seems like all we did! I will stop here for now and recap Friday night and Saturday in my next post!





The Easiest 7 Minute Chicken Fajitas

Everyone has days that they are just so busy and dinner is an after thought. Right now, that seems to be the theme around here!

I usually don’t buy already cooked packaged chicken, but on a trip to Trader Joe’s, I came across some and decided to try it. It was so nice to have for salads for the week so I picked some up at Target and Harris Teeter since then. During that same trip to Trader Joe’s, I saw a frozen bag of fire roasted peppers and onions and picked those up too. I decided to combine the pre-cooked chicken and the peppers and onion and it made for the easiest and most flavorful dinner!

I sautéed the frozen peppers and onions until they were warm.

Then, I added the pre-cooked chicken until that was warm too.

That was literally it! So easy! I haven’t found the fire roasted peppers and onions at any other grocery store except for Trader Joe’s, but most other stores have plain peppers and onions that you can season yourself.

Aurora ate hers with chips, cheese and sour cream on the side, and Hailey used a soft taco shell with hers.

I did my version of deconstructed fajita nachos, and then when the chips were gone, I just ate the rest with a fork.

Another great thing about this was that I could make Anthony’s separate when he got home from work instead of having to warm up leftovers. He gave it two thumbs up too!

So, for those busy school and work nights filled with sports and extracurricular activities, this will definitely be one of my go-to meals!

Preschool Reunion to Support Crews and his Leukemia Journey

On Saturday morning, a couple moms from Hailey’s old preschool group put together a party to celebrate Crews starting Kindergarten. In April, Crews found out he had Leukemia and him and his family have been going through some rough treatments ever since. The first six months is the worst and he was not able to start Kindergarten in August because he couldn’t be around other kids in fear of getting sick. Crews still has 2 1/2 years of treatment ahead of him, but he is now able to start Kindergarten, which is so so exciting!! And definitely something to celebrate!

He lost his first tooth in the bouncy house at his party! 

Hailey was so excited to see all the kids she went to preschool with for four years! She misses them all so much. They played in the bounce house, played inside, ate lunch and had cake!

Hailey made Crews a sweet card too!

I am so lucky to know all these little kids and their families! We are all so happy that Crews is doing much better and that he is finally able to go to Kindergarten!!

After the party, Hailey wanted to get a manicure and pedicure. She has been saving her birthday money since September for this, so she was very happy we finally had time to go! She loved every minute of it!

When we got home, Uncle Joseph (Anthony’s brother) was at our house watching football with Anthony. We all decided to go to Ghostface Brewery for drinks and dinner. Davidson Pizza Company is in the brewery, so they have a ton of food options.

I sat in the back with the girls…and we took some blurry selfies and played with snapchat filters the whole time! 

We met some of our other friends there too and had a blast!

We had a fun Saturday, except Penn State losing again…that was pretty awful! Now, I have to get the house cleaned and get myself all packed for Colorado on Thursday! Andrew McMahon here we come!

Five On Friday #21

This week felt kind of like July 4th week to me. Both holidays were on a Tuesday, and I think it throws me off a little bit! We made it through and we actually have a low key family weekend planned before Anthony and I leave for Denver, CO next week!

Here are my five on Friday!

ONE- Last Friday I volunteered in Hailey’s class for the first time for special “Halloween Centers.” There were four different stations where the kids did Halloween activities. It was all put together by one of the moms from the class and I was very impressed!

One station had the kids wrapping each other to look like mummies and then playing “ghost bowling.”

They had a very festive snack at another station.

They made spider hats at another station.

And they painted pumpkins at a station, which is the one I was helping out at.

It was such a fun day and I am so glad I was able to volunteer!

TWO- Hailey and Anthony had the end of the season soccer tournament last weekend.

The team improved so much and tried so hard each game. They were the youngest team and struggled to win, but I am so proud of them all!

THREE- Hailey’s Girl Scout troop had a short field trip on their day off from school Monday to our local Goodwill store. They got a tour of the store and the back room and learned how donating can help others. Each girl brought three bags to donate and they received a badge!

I had to bring Aurora, and she wasn’t happy when I told her that she couldn’t put my lipstick all over her face. So she had a face-plant into the Goodwill floor tantrum…awesome!

FOUR- I ended up having to pick up a few things at Target on Wednesday (the day after Halloween) and came across a lot of good sales! I bought a few things for next Halloween and I also bought these appetizer plates and napkins. The plates were only $1.50 for 2 and the napkins were .50 a pack!

After I purchased just two appetizer plates, I realized that it wasn’t a very practical decision, so Aurora and I ended up going back on Thursday and we bought some more! I also spent way too much money at the Target $1, $3 and $5 bins on Christmas items!

FIVE- I was flipping through my Sirius XM channels on November 1st, and I came across a Holiday station starting THAT DAY! If Sirius XM thinks it’s okay for me to listen to Christmas music already, I am all IN!!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Halloween 2017 and my Selective Cheapness

Another Halloween in the books! And it was a fun one! Aurora didn’t have school on Halloween and Hailey’s school doesn’t do a parade or anything, so they wore their festive outfits one more time for the year!

Anthony got out of work a little early so we could eat dinner and then head over to my friend Jaime’s house to trick-or-treat! Our road is not “trick-or-treatable.” The houses are too far apart and its a long windy road with no side walks, so we are lucky to have great friends who invite us to their house to trick-or-treat!

Jaime made “vampire blood” for the girls to drink before we headed out!

If you didn’t see any of my pictures on social media, the girls were Thing One and Thing Two and I was The Cat In The Hat! The Cat In The Hat is one of the girls favorite shows right now, and they both love reading all Dr. Seuss books, so this was definitely a fun one for all of us!

On Halloween, Jaime was six days away from having her baby, so her husband decided to rent a golf cart incase she didn’t want to walk the whole time. The older girls were running ahead at the beginning, so at first, the golf cart was used to help the little ones keep up!

Then, towards the end, when the older kids were tired from all the sprinting from house to house, they got on too!

The golf cart was such a great idea! Thanks Jason!

On the way home, Hailey was exhausted and fell asleep almost immediately.

Aurora, on the other hand, was asking us to play “Thriller” and “The Beach Boys” and was singing along! My, what different kids we have!

All in all, it was a great Halloween for everyone! And the amount of candy the girls got was UNREAL! Now, if I can just have some willpower not to eat it all!

The day after Halloween was Aurora’s costume parade at school. They had a teacher workday on the 30th, so they moved everything to the 1st. She loved walked around and waving to everyone!

So I know I added “selective cheapness” in the title of this post. Ever since I became a SAHM, I have become cheaper than I once was. Obviously, I don’t make any money now, so that is definitely a big reason why, but I am selectively cheap and sometimes it doesn’t make sense at all. For example, say Anthony and I are out to eat on date night and he orders an appetizer, I will make some comment about how the dinner is going to cost way too much money now or something like that. However, Anthony will have the three dollar Bud Light, and I will order the nine dollar glass of wine, and then have another glass, and I won’t think anything of it. It makes no sense and I know that and I guess I’m working on it, haha.

This “selective cheapness” definitely applies to Halloween. It is hard for me to pay a bajillion dollars on Halloween costumes because I know they will be worn for one night and then put in a box, never to be worn again. Some costumes can be used for dress-up and things like that, but my girls aren’t really big into dress-up right now, so I knew when buying costumes this year, I wanted to try and get a good deal.

Both girls liked the idea of being Thing One and Thing Two when they saw the costumes, so I thought I lucked out. I was buying them from Target.com and at the time, there was a “buy one get one half off” deal. The description of the costume said “Thing 1 & 2 Deluxe Kids Costume” and was $40, so I thought I was getting a great deal for BOTH girls and decided that since I would get half off of another costume, I would get the Cat In The Hat for me because it was only going to be around $11. Fifty dollars for all three of us seemed like a steal!

Well, it turned out I should have read the kids package more thoroughly because when it came there was only one costume in the bag. It threw me off because there were two kids, each wearing a costume on the picture, and it says “Thing 1 & 2” on it as well. Bummer! I had to hurry back online and buy a second costume so it would get here in time for Halloween. I ended up spending almost $100 dollars on costumes that we wore for about three hours. That is frustrating for a selectively cheap person!

Hopefully the girls can use them in school for Dr. Seuss week or something like that so I can feel better about getting my moneys worth! Now if I could only find one of the two “number 2’s” Aurora lost in those 3 hours!




Halloween Costume Ideas From Years Past

Happy Halloween! Now that both of my girls are at the ages of being excited to dress up and trick-or-treat, I am really looking forward to tonight! I will show you all this years costume choices on Thursday, but for now, I thought I would recap some of our past costumes.

I am also including some of my sister, my brother-in-law and niece, and also my parents. My family loves Halloween, and my sister is super crafty and has made almost all of her own costumes…and some of mine too!

At age one, Hailey was a gnome!

At age two, Hailey was an owl.

This was a fun one! Papa Deano and Grandma surprised Hailey and dressed up with her at our house when she was three. Papa Deano and Hailey as Buzz Lightyear and Grandma as Mrs. Potato Head.

When Aurora was five months old and Hailey was four, they were Rapunzel and Pascal from Tangled. My sister made Aurora’s Pascal costume and it came out great!

Last year, when Aurora and Claire were one and Hailey was five, they dressed up as PJ Mask together. Papa Deano surprised them and was Romeo, one of the “villains” from the show!

That same year, my sister, mom and I dressed up as the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus! My sister did a lot of work on these costumes too! I thought they came out pretty good!

When Claire, my niece, was seven months old, they dressed her up as the Abominable Snowman, my sister was Rudolph and my brother-in-law was Yukon Cornelius. Awesome!

This year, they are going to be Nemo, Dory and Hank from Finding Dory!

One of my favorites that they did before Claire was born was when Brian was a Walmart greeter and my sister was a headless ghost. My sister made her whole costume and it was amazing! And kind of scary!

My parents really get into dressing up too! Even to just give out candy! One year, they were lawn gnomes!

They are really big Cowboys fans and went as a football player and cheerleader!

And maybe the cutest one, Santa and Mrs. Clause!

My family loves Halloween and I can’t wait to have a fun night with the girls. I am dressing up with them in a themed costume this year, and I really hope I can pull off getting a good picture! Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone!

Do you have a favorite costume that you or your family wore for Halloween? If so, what was it?? 


Five on Friday #20

It is a soccer tournament weekend over here! If the rain holds off, that is. Hailey has one game Friday, two Saturday and one Sunday. And of course, we will be watching the Penn State vs Ohio State game on Saturday too…WE ARE! Until then, here is my five on Friday!

ONE- Today is my two year double mastectomy anniversary. If you didn’t see my blog about it here, I had an elective double mastectomy due to testing positive for the BRCA2 mutation. Being that it is breast cancer awareness month, I encourage anyone with the BRCA gene in their family to get tested. Even those without the gene mutation, of course, should keep up with their checkups as well!

I guess I just want to say that I can’t believe two years has already passed and that I am extremely lucky to have had such great recovery. I decided to have the surgery to make sure I am around for a long time, and I am so lucky to share this life with my amazing family.

TWO- Aurora is no where near being potty trained. She tinkled on the potty maybe two times ever. Hailey was potty trained by Aurora’s age (2.5), so I am really trying to help her become interested in the whole process. I made her a “Big Girl” chart where she will get stickers every time she goes on the potty. (I also told her she could have one piece of candy too!) We hung it on the bulletin board in our kitchen and I really hope starts to work!

THREE- I recently bought one of the new Halo Top flavors, Oatmeal Cookie, and really liked it! I am the type of person who loves an oatmeal raisin granola bar, but I pick all the raisins out. I just want the oatmeal flavor and I think the raisins ruin that. Anyways, this ice cream had a good oatmeal flavor and has actual oats in it too. I definitely recommend this one!

FOUR- Hailey finally lost the top front tooth that has been loose for a really long time! She said she lost it at school during snack time.

Her first tooth she lost at her Gammie’s house, her second tooth she ate while eating dinner one day and this third tooth she lost at school. There is always hope that I will be there when Aurora looses her teeth I guess!?

Hailey wrote a letter to the tooth fairy asking if she could keep her tooth. She actually did the same thing last time, but since she swallowed it, the letter was a replacement for the long gone tooth!

FIVE- Anthony is not a big fan of dessert, but the only thing he will always go for is pumpkin roll. I tried making it for him years and years ago, like before we were married, so over 10 years ago…and I messed it up and ended up cookie cutting pieces out and making little pumpkin roll sandwiches. I was intimidated since then and haven’t given it another try, until this week!

The girls and I decided to try and make a pumpkin roll on Wednesday and I am happy to say it was a success! Aurora spilled almost my entire container of vanilla on the floor, but other than that, it went pretty smoothly.

The girls are pretty much just the taste testers!


Well, that’s all for me today! Have a great fall weekend everyone!




Pesto Based Veggie Pizza with Goat Cheese Crumbles

We decided to do a “make your own pizza night” last week and I wanted to try something new. When I was a vegetarian at the end of my pregnancy with Aurora and the year after she was born, I ate a lot of veggie pizzas at restaurants if I wasn’t in the mood for a salad that day. I learned what I liked and didn’t like on my pizzas, so I decided to combine some of my favorite ingredients and it came out so good!!

First, I sautéed zucchini, white onion and whole cloves of garlic until tender.

*I used whole cloves of garlic, but you could chop them up if you’d rather have a little bit of garlic flavor all over the pizza.

While I was waiting on those to cook, I cut up a roma tomato.

I made a trip to Trader Joe’s last week and found these yummy flatbreads that I used for pizza crust.

The flatbread was pretty big and only 190 calories, which I thought was great for the size. You can use your flatbread or pizza crust of choice, but I like to find either a low carb or low calorie option.

Then, I spread the flatbread with a thin layer of basil pesto, topped it with a thin layer of mozzarella and added all the toppings: zucchini, onion, garlic, roma tomatoes, red pepper flakes and goat cheese crumbles.

I baked it at 400 degrees for 10-12 minutes.



Pesto based Veggie Pizza with Goat Cheese Crumbles


  • 1 flatbread
  • 1/4 cup zucchini
  • 1/4 cup white onion
  • 6 cloves garlic whole
  • 1 small roma tomato
  • 2-3 tablespoons basil pesto
  • 2/3 cup mozzarella
  • 2 tablespoons crumbled goat cheese
  • red pepper flakes to taste


  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees 

  2. Chop zucchini, onion and whole cloves of garlic small and sauté them until tender 

  3. Chop the roma tomato 

  4. Spread pesto on the flatbread and top with mozzarella cheese 

  5. Add zucchini, onion, garlic and tomato

  6. Sprinkle with goat cheese crumbles 

  7. Bake for 10-12 minutes

  8. Enjoy! 

Fall Leaf Craft for Kids

My girls love to go for “nature walks,” especially in the fall! They pick out pretty leaves, acorns and anything else they think is an interesting find.

After our last “nature walk,” Hailey asked if we could do a craft with the leaves they found. I had just printed off a bunch of pictures from my phone, so we grabbed those and got started!

We glued a picture to a piece of construction paper and then glued the leaves around that picture. The girls favorite part was holding down the leaves to make sure they would stay on the paper. They would hold each leaf down together, which made for some pretty cute teamwork!

They were so proud of their work!

They both wanted to use pictures with their cousin, Anthony, so we are giving these to my sister-in-law and mother-in-law for little fall craft decorations!

This is just a fun, cute and toddler friendly fall activity that is great to give to family members! I was born missing the “crafty” gene, so this project is definitely foolproof! The girls were so proud that they could basically do the whole craft themselves and are so excited to give them as gifts!



Five on Friday #19

Happy Friday!! We had another busy week and now I think we are entering into to a semi low-key weekend! Here are my five on Friday!

ONE- Hailey had her second eye doctor appointment ever this week and picked out some new glasses. Her prescription changed a little, and we could have just kept the same frames and changed the lenses, but that’s no fun for a six year old!

She chose a bigger frame than her current glasses and they have browns and tans instead of black. I love them on her!

TWO- Since we didn’t have any plans last Sunday, we (I) decided it was a good time to carve our pumpkins! Since it was in the mid 80’s that day, we took the mess outside! The girls were excited to dig right in!

Anthony is the carver of the family, and the girls and I take the seeds and the “gunk” out. They girls asked for a scary pumpkin and a sad pumpkin. I have no idea why they wanted a sad pumpkin, but I think Anthony did a good job!

THREE- Last Friday, when Anthony had off from work, I decided to go get a manicure and pedicure. I am usually a pedicure only kind of girl because I ruin the manicure in a couple of days…and I’m usually too cheap to get gel. I loved the color I got so much I made sure to ask what it was called. It’s OPI’s Krona-logical order.

Well, about an hour after I got home, I ended up bumping something, and it made a giant hole in my pointer finger. Then, I went to put my shoes on a little while after that, and ruined my thumb. So annoying. Since we weren’t doing anything at the time, I drove back to have them fix the nails, and they were so busy I had to wait a really long time. I definitely was regretting going back. Then, after the woman fixed my nails (very quickly and not very thoroughly), both of the fixed nails had this bubbly look.

It was very frustrating. I kept starring at my thumb and complaining about how bad it looked! I guess I should stick to only getting a pedicure unless I decide to do gel!

FOUR- Last Friday night was date night, and we decided to go to a couple new places. We started at Ass Clown Brewery in Cornelius. The name might give it away, but this wasn’t a “kid friendly” brewery like many I’ve been to. However, the beer was awesome! They have a ton of IPA’s, which I got a flight of. My favorite was the Ghost Chili IPA. It was spicy and hoppy and perfect!

We went to The Harp & Crown for dinner, which is an Irish pub/restaurant in Cornelius that we have never been to. The food was really good!

Then we decided to go to our more local brewery, Ghostface Brewery, for one more beer before we headed back home for the night!

We had a great date night!

FIVE- I think I must be late to the party, but PetSmart is an amazing place to take your children to look around! Anthony and I did a “Hailey swap” for soccer practice after her eye doctor appointment. Aurora and I were in the PetSmart plaza and decided to go in. She. Loved. It.

She would talk to all the animals and ask them how they were doing and tell them she loves them. It was the cutest thing.

She also sang the “Go Cubs Go” song to the ferrets. Ha! We will definitely be making more trips to PetSmart in the near future!

That’s it for me! I hope you all have a great weekend! Go Penn State!

A Day in the Life of a SAHM, 6 Year Old and 2 Year Old

The last time I did a “day in the life” post, I remember it being a crazy day with Aurora not listening and me having a lot of good material, if that’s what you want to call it. The girls weren’t in school, so I am sure that this day will look a lot different!

Yesterday started like any other school day. My alarm went off at 6AM. I snoozed once, then got up, turned on the coffee and by 6:20, I was waking Hailey up to get ready for school. She came downstairs, ate breakfast and wanted to practice her reading.

I packed her backpack with her lunch and all her things for Girl Scouts, which was after school that day. Then, she got dressed, brushed her teeth and I did her hair. Today was her Fitness Fun Run, so she put her sneakers on and was ready to go out and wait for the bus!

Anthony got Hailey on the bus, which is around 7AM each day, and I went down in the basement to get my workout in. Today, I just ran 6 miles on the treadmill.

When I was done, around 8AM, I came upstairs to find Anthony all ready for work and Aurora just getting up! She slept in…late! She is usually up by 630-7oo. Anthony fed her breakfast and changed her while I took a shower. It was orange day at school for Aurora so her and Hailey wore their matching outfits from Gammie!

I laid out Aurora’s book bag, coat and shoes. Much like every other day, Aurora did not like my shoe choice. For some reason she always wants to wear shoes that don’t match her outfit AT ALL! At least today she wanted to wear Hailey’s old, worn down black shoes instead of her brand new ones. Still frustrating, but at least I didn’t have to fight her about wearing bright pink shoes!

She looked at daddy proud like she beat me this time! However, I definitely won, because she at least wore shoes that match her outfit and there were no tears in the process!

Anthony took Aurora to school so I got the toilets and bathrooms cleaned and continued to get ready. I am so excited we finally have FALL temperatures here! I put on some warmer clothes and headed off to see Hailey run in her Fitness Fun Run!

It was such a cute event! They had a starting line and played fun, loud music to amp up the kids to keep running! ANNDDD her school raised over $40,000 with the donations from the run, which is awesome! Thanks again for all who donated in Hailey’s behalf!

After the run, I still had about two hours until I had to pick up Aurora, so I ran some errands and then ended up at Target…shocker! Molly blogged about mules the other day and included these beauties in some of the ones she liked under $100. These were actually one of my favorites that she posted about and I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were from Target and were only $25! Now, I have no idea what I am going to wear these with, but I bought them because they were the last pair in my size and I just kind of love them!

After shopping, I picked Aurora up from preschool and we stayed after to play on the playground for a little bit.

I told her no less than 20 times not to fight me on leaving and that when it was time to go, it was time to go. She obviously got her selective hearing from Anthony. She fought me several times, until I had to pick her up and carry her out screaming and crying. (Not before I snapped a picture for this blog post, haha) Hashtag real life.

Aurora fell asleep for her nap in the car on the way from preschool like always, so I transferred her into her bed.

Then, it was time for me to unpack the car and get started on this blog post! I was starving and wanted something quick, so I popped a mini bag of popcorn and had a La Croix.

Aurora woke up a little less than an hour before we had to go get Hailey. It was a shorter nap probably because she woke up so late this morning. She had a little snack and we played for a little bit.

We went to pick Hailey up from Girl Scouts and then stopped at the house at the top of road to look at all the Halloween blow ups! This family does this every year for Halloween and Christmas and the girls love it!

They had a snack when they got home, and dinner shortly after.

In the middle of dinner, Aurora decided she wanted to eat on a yellow plate instead of a blue one, and she had a mini meltdown when I wouldn’t move her food to a new plate. Oh Aurora!

We tried to roast our pumpkin seeds from when we carved the pumpkins Sunday, but apparently they get moldy if you don’t cook them right away. I was so bummed. Mom fail.

The girls got early showers because it has been a busy week already and we decided we would stay in for the night. Aurora was caught going upstairs while it was Hailey’s turn to shower. I ended up letting her play in the playroom by herself with constant yells to make sure was okay and constant check-in’s. She did pretty good!

I let them watch their phone and IPad for a little bit while I cleaned up, threw in some laundry, swept and swiffered the floors. For some reason, they both like to sit/lay in my room on the floor, on either side of the bed. I think a comfy couch or actually on the bed would be a lot more comfortable!

Then, the girls had a snack. They picked Oreos which I was not thrilled about for several reasons, but I said yes anyway. I do a little happy dance ever night when I have cleaned up the last meal/snack that Aurora has to eat that day. She is still so messy!!!

The girls brushed their teeth and then we read some books. Aurora wasn’t happy that Hailey was reading and not me. When Anthony isn’t home, it is really a struggle to get reading time in with Hailey without Aurora ruining it. Hopefully that doesn’t stall her learning how to read.

At 7:30, it was time for Hailey to go bed. Aurora followed shortly after. I immediately regretted starting laundry because I was exhausted and just wanted to chill out. I folded and put away the laundry (except for the girls because they were sleeping), finished this blog and then watched some TV before bed.

This was a good example of a normal day for us! Filled with busyness, fun, tantrums and bed!



Adding More Leniency to Your Life

When I was in high school and college, food and eating were the aspects of my life that I gave myself no leniency in. My eating disorder was harmful to me physically, but it was harmful to me socially as well. I was not the girlfriend or friend you could surprise plan something for or ask to go out last minute. What I was going to eat each day was planned in my head at in the morning and it would not be changed. That meant that going out to a restaurant, to the movies or to have drinks spur of the moment, was not an option for me. I always said no. If it was someone’s birthday on a Monday and they wanted to go for pizza and beer to celebrate, I wouldn’t go. I didn’t eat like that or drink on a Monday, so every Monday had to be the same.

Somehow I snapped out of the eating thing, which I am definitely happy about! I love a spontaneous date night! Now, however, working out is probably the number one thing I do not give myself much leniency in. Every Sunday, I run 8 miles, so if there is a Sunday where I can’t run in the morning, I beat myself up about it all day. We drive home from PA on Sundays a lot of the time, so when we get home around dinner time and have so much to unpack and pick up, I still try and get those miles in, which doesn’t make Anthony the happiest! If I just can’t run that day at all, I will either try and get my Sunday miles in on Saturday, which is usually my “off day,” and mentally decide that it still counts, or I will have to “make up the miles” during that week, which usually makes for really really long workouts a couple of days. But why? Why can’t I just miss a random day occasionally?

This weekend, I gave myself a little leniency, and I loved it! On Friday, Hailey was suppose to have her Fitness Fun Run, but it got postponed due to rain. I had planned to run four miles after she got on the bus, get ready take Aurora to school and then watch Hailey run. That is a very short workout for me, but I knew that was all I had time for that day. I have actually been a little more lenient with my workouts since Aurora went to preschool and it took a little to get used to (mentally) but I love having the extra time to get stuff done! I realized that when I get the chance to grocery shop BY MYSELF, when my house is clean and when my to-do list is empty, I am lot happier!

I am also not lenient with the girls bedtimes. On Saturday, at Hailey’s soccer game, my friend Brittany invited us over to watch football that evening. The girls are usually in bed by 8-830 on the weekends, but the girls were having a great time, and the adults were too, so we put Trolls on for the kids at 9:30PM and continued to hang out and watch football. By 10PM, Hailey was yelling out the window that Aurora fell asleep on the couch, and at 10:30PM, when we decided maybe it was time to take the girls home, Hailey and her friend Hailey had also fallen asleep on the couch!

The girls talked about how awesome their night was the whole next day! A little leniency went a long way!

On Monday, Aurora had her field trip to the pumpkin patch. Instead of stressing myself out and getting up at 5AM after a long, fun weekend, I slept until 6, got Hailey on the bus and then started my workout. I was only able to run 4 miles before it was time to shower and get Aurora and myself ready to go. I usually do 4 miles, a 30 minute Insanity class and free weights on Mondays. As soon I started to feel the stress of not getting in a great workout, I calmed down, remembered that I am doing this for Aurora and that my workout can wait. When we got home, I walked an extra two miles and did my free weights. Do what you can, when you can.

I am not saying to go out for pizza and beer everyday, or to stop working out all together, or to let your kids stay up until 10PM every night. But sometimes it’s good for the mind, body and soul to be lenient once in a while! And sometimes, it can makes others around you happy too!

What do you wish you were more lenient about in your own life? 



Five on Friday #18

I am excited for a semi low-key weekend, FINALLY! We have an afternoon soccer game this week, which makes for a more laidback Saturday morning, which is going to be a nice change. Anthony took today off to get some stuff done around the house while both girls are at school. He also took off because Hailey has a fun run at school this morning, which brings to me to my five on Friday!

ONE- Hailey’s school does a “Fitness Fun Run” Fundraiser every year. Basically, the kids need to get sponsors and raise money for the school. No matter how much or how little each child raises, they still get a t-shirt and are able to participate in the run, which I think is great! They have incentives as they go to see how much money they can raise. Hailey’s class got extra recess time, a game day, pajama day and hat day so far. The run is today, but they can still raise money until the 18th, and all the money goes right to her elementary school. Thanks to all of our family member who donated!

Pajama Day! 

TWO- I went to a local boutique called Aqua B Boutique, to get a gift card the other day, and knew it was going to be hard to leave with nothing for myself. I was right. Hanging right behind the cash register was a cute tank that says, “I’m a football and cold beer kinda girl,” which I totally am! So of course I had to buy it! A tank top in mid-October didn’t seem out of the question because it’s still been in the 80’s and 90’s!! Fall, where are you??? And it was only $18, which is quite reasonable for a shirt I can wear for all of football season!

If you live near Mooresville, I highly recommend visiting Aqua B! And if you don’t, you can shop online!

THREE- On Monday afternoon, my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and nephew came to visit with Anthony’s cousin who was in town for the week. We played at our house for a bit and then headed to Lancaster’s BBQ for dinner. The food there is always good, but the highlight is that the kids get to eat in a school bus!

FOUR- I love having two girls for many reasons, but one of them is definitely the fact that Aurora can wear all of Hailey’s old clothes. Luckily, Hailey was not my messy kid, so most of her clothes are still in really good shape, especially holiday specific clothes. Holiday outfits are usually only worn two to three times anyways because they are time sensitive, so I love having almost brand new cute clothes for Aurora!

Hailey on the left. Aurora on the right. 

FIVE- I love Chex Mix. The “Chex Mix” brand is always good, but I prefer to make my own! I always add extra Worcestershire because that’s my favorite part! Aurora and I went shopping on Thursday and bought all the ingredients and I whipped up a batch during naptime for the weekend!

This is tray one of two, so hopefully I have some self control this weekend! 

Have a great weekend everyone!

A Surprise Mini Baby Shower (almost gone wrong)

One of my closest friends, Jaime, is pregnant with her third baby girl, due at the beginning of next month. I knew I wanted to do something for her before the baby comes, and when I was talking with a couple other girls from my women’s life group, they were thinking the same thing!

It was my turn to host our women’s group on October 11, so I thought that would be a good time to try and do something for her. I figured that most of the ladies would be able to make it since it was an already scheduled life group date, and I was also hoping that Jaime herself wouldn’t cancel because it was already on her calendar.

The plan was to just have everyone come to life group as planned that day, and then I would decorate the basement for her little shower and we would all walk down there and surprise her. I am not sure I should even call it a shower (maybe a sprinkle?), but we basically just used our social time of life group to eat cake and give Jaime a couple gifts!

On Monday and Tuesday I got my house ready, picked up decorations and gifts and ordered the cake and balloons. I talked to Jaime on Monday, and she said she was coming, so all seemed like it was going as planned!

On Wednesday morning, the morning of our women’s group and the surprise shower, I got up at 5AM to get my workout in early so I could shower, get the house straighten up and go pick up the cake and balloons.

It was also Aurora’s picture day at school. I wanted Anthony to take her out of the house as early as possible so she wouldn’t mess it up, so he ended up taking her to get a bagel and I just prayed she didn’t get food all over herself or ruin her hair in the process!

My attempt at a before school pictures picture, but I was in a rush, she was kind of moving and she wouldn’t give up “zebra” and her babies clothes. 

When I ordered the cake, I asked them if they could lay some fresh flowers on top and they took me over to the florist and I put an order for what I wanted. Well, when I got the cake it was nothing like I pictured. The flowers where in a bouquet-like arrangement that was super tall! I wanted a couple white roses laid on top of the cake nicely with some baby’s breath around them. I took a picture of the cake in the back of the store and quickly called my sister, who is a pastry chef, and asked her what she thought and what I should do.

She said it didn’t look that bad, but I could pull the bouquet straight out if I wanted to and try and place the roses and baby’s breath right on the cake like I wanted to.

This is more what I was going for, but I am so not crafty. 

After I fixed the cake, which left me a little frazzled, I went to go put the balloons around and they were all tied together like four times, super tight, and I couldn’t cut the strings because they were tied up at the top too.

As I am frantically trying to untie these balloons before anyone shows up, Jaime texts me. She was up all night, her all-day morning sickness is back and she doesn’t feel well…she isn’t coming.

I was extra emotional that day and the cake and balloons were an unexpected annoyance for a busy morning, so I broke down in tears. I called Jaime (half crying) and asked her to come for just 15 minutes. I told her I couldn’t tell her why, but that she really needed to come. She said okay. PHEW! I am sure at this point she knew we were doing something for the her and the baby, but I was hoping she thought we were giving her a gift and that maybe the cake and decorations would be a surprise.

Well, it turns out, Jaime actually thought I was pregnant!! And she came because she thought I was telling everyone that day. (DISCLAIMER: definitely NOT pregnant!)

It was a crazy morning with several little bumps in the road, but it all turned out good in the end. I just wanted Jaime to feel special and to know she has a lot of support when baby number three comes, and I think we accomplished that! Thank you to all the ladies who helped make this special morning for Jaime a success!

Grandma and Papa Deano, an aquarium, a pumpkin patch and lots of sports watching!

What a weekend! I am exhausted and I have to get the house ready to host my women’s life group tomorrow!

My parents got here on Thursday at 2PM. They left from Pennsylvania Wednesday after work and stopped after about 2.5 hours to go to the casino right at the end of PA. They got here right in time for Aurora to get up from her nap and to get Hailey off the bus. We hung out for a little bit at home and then headed to Barcelona Burger and Beer Garden for an early dinner because Hailey had soccer practice at 6. We walked around the antique shop and a kids consignment sale before dinner too!

Barcelona did not disappoint and everyone loved it!

Anthony came and picked up Hailey for soccer and the rest of us walked around the antique shop for a little longer before heading back home.

The rest of the night was filled with watching football and baseball playoffs!

The girls had off from school on Friday and Anthony took a half day, so my parents, the girls and I headed to Concord Mills to the SEA LIFE Aquarium before Anthony got home from work.

It’s a little pricey for the size of the aquarium I would say, but it was still a great time! Aurora was kissing the fish through the glass, haha!

They have an area where you can touch starfish and other little creatures so Hailey and Papa Deano spent some time doing that. I am more of an observer and not a fish toucher!

They have a little display where the kids can crawl up into a little bubble and actually see all the fish and turtles around them! If you look closely you can see Hailey in the middle and a big turtle right above her head!

After the aquarium, we did a little shopping at Concord Mills mall and Grandma took the girls on the merry-go-round!

Anthony got out of work as we were leaving the mall, so we all met back at home and did some swimming! We turned the pool heater on that morning so it wasn’t too cold.

The Cubs played their first playoff game Friday night, and that’s my parents team, so we watched that and hung out in the basement!

In the morning, the girls made pancakes with grandma and then we all got ready to go to Hailey’s soccer game!

Aurora ended up falling asleep for her nap really early, so I stayed home and let her sleep for a little bit before making it to the last half of the game!

When the game was over, the girls, my mom and I left together to head to Patterson Farms for a pumpkin patch birthday party!

Aurora loved the corn pit and played in there with grandma a lot of the time!

They had spray on face paint and Hailey got in line to get hers done almost immediately!

Aurora, on the other hand, was not a fan of the spray on face paint so they didn’t get very far with hers! They tried to paint some purple flowers over top of the blue, but she wasn’t having that either, so she basically walked around with a blue forehead the whole time!

The girls rode on these little cows pulled my a tractor around the farm. That didn’t make me nervous AT ALL!! (*sarcasm*)

It was such a fun birthday party! Happy Birthday Brooks and Gracelyn!

When we got home, the men were watching football and getting ready for the Cubs second playoff game. The Cubs didn’t fair as well on Saturday night and ended the weekend at 1-1.

On Sunday morning, my parents left before any of us were awake. I ran, did some laundry and got ready to go to my friend Lisa’s baby shower. Josh, Janelle and Stella came over so that Janelle and I could go together and Josh and Anthony could watch football and the kids.

When Janelle and I got back, we all had dinner, let the kids play until bedtime and then I was in bed shortly after that!

It was a long, fun and eventful weekend and now I have one more day to get the house back in order and do some shopping before I host my women’s life group on Wednesday!



Five on Friday #17

Just like every other weekend in the fall, we are super busy! I love having my calendar packed, but something it’s nice to have a day or two to chill out and maybe clean the house!? Friday, the girls have off school, but we are still jammed packed because ….

ONE- Grandma and Papa Deano are here to visit this weekend! They got in on Thursday and are leaving Sunday morning. Some of the things on our agenda are: soccer practice, soccer game, visiting the aquarium, shopping, a friend’s birthday party and watching the Cubs in the playoffs! I’m sure I will have lots of pictures to share next week!

TWO- A couple times a year, Hailey will ask me to put a ton of little braids in her hair before bed so that her hair is curly the next day.

I have to say, I think it’s kind of cute! I just take out the little hair ties when she is eating breakfast, which makes the getting ready process go much faster in the morning!

THREE- Aurora is OBSESSED with baby dolls right now! She straps them into her car seat with her, sleeps with them and pushes them around the house in strollers all day. I’m glad she is into pretend babies because that’s all she is getting from me in this lifetime!!

She won’t take a picture without a baby doll these days!

She thinks Barbie dolls are babies too, and for some reason any baby she has ends up naked!

FOUR- I don’t want to say Aurora is going through sleep regression, but I guess I would call it sleep location regression. Many months ago, we switched her into a “semi big girl bed.” She is still in her crib, but there is an opening where she can get in and out. She did great for a couple weeks, and then started to take everything out of her crib and make a bed on the floor. That is where she slept for a couple months.

When she was sick around a month ago, we thought that maybe the vent in her room was blowing air right on her causing her to have a dry throat and making her cough. (This was before we found out that she had a sinus infection and she needed antibiotics, not a new room!) We decided to test out putting her in our guest room in the pack-n-play. She thought it was so cool that she was sleeping in Grandma and Papa Deano’s room (that’s what the girls call our guest room). She also thought it was cool that she was sleeping in “Claire’s bed.” When we go to my parents house she sleeps in my niece, Claire’s, pack-n-play, so apparently all pack-n-plays are Claire’s to her!

Well, since my parents were coming this weekend, we told her she had to move back to her actual room. She is still getting out and sleeping on the floor and she wakes up multiple times a night. She actually fell asleep in between the two parts of her rocking chair the other day!

Any advice on how to get her to sleep in her big-girl bed?? We actually moved the pack-n-play in her room, next to her crib, so hopefully she will do okay with that and stop waking up in the middle of the night!

FIVE- I was at Lowe’s Foods the other day just walking around to kill time before I had to pick Aurora up from preschool. (It’s been maybe years since I could “just walk around to kill time!”) I came across these chips I had never seen before and they looked good so I thought I would give them a try. Oh. my. gosh. these chips are amazing! They are kind of like a pita chip and a tortilla chip put together with just enough gouda and garlic flavor! I’ve only ever seen these at Lowe’s Foods, so if you love a good chip like me, try these for sure! They had a couple different flavors too!

That’s all for me! I am going to go enjoy some family time on this busy weekend!

Ricotta Cheese Dip

On Friday of last week, I knew I wanted to make something fun for a snack to celebrate the weekend, but couldn’t decide what. Harris Teeter, a local grocery store in NC, had ricotta cheese on sale that week, so I had a big container of it in my refrigerator. Ever since we had giant clumps of ricotta cheese on our pizza at Alino Pizzeria in Mooresville, the girls and I (and Anthony too) love having ricotta on hand to add to certain meals!

I started looking up recipes on Pinterest for bruschetta-like baguettes with ricotta cheese as the base, but instead, I came across a bunch of different ricotta cheese dip recipes and knew that was the way I wanted to go!

The recipe I followed for the most part was from This Happy Mommy. Next time I make ricotta cheese dip though, I think I am going to roast two heads of garlic in the oven instead of using minced garlic, and maybe add some parmesan cheese in as well! But, here is what I did this time and it was really good!

Mix together (just with a spoon) ricotta cheese, egg whites, salt, red pepper flakes, parsley, minced garlic and lemon juice.

Then, drizzle olive oil on top.

Bake at 375 degrees for 20 minutes and then broil it for 3-4 minutes.

I probably could have broiled mine longer, but since I used crunchy baguettes for dipping, less broiling was totally fine!

While the dip was cooking, I cut up my baguette, and then while I let the dip cool down, I put the baguette slices right into the oven on broil and they browned up in just a couple of minutes!

All four of us enjoyed this dip, so it is definitely kid friendly! I actually sprinkled extra red pepper flakes on my bites because I like it more spicy. If you are making it for just adults who don’t mind the spice, add a couple more tablespoons of red pepper flakes!


Ricotta Cheese Dip


  • 2 cups ricotta cheese
  • 1 tablespoon minced garlic
  • 2 egg whites
  • 2 tablespoons parsley
  • 1 teaspoon red pepper flakes
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees

  2. Mix (just with a spoon) ricotta cheese, garlic, egg whites, parsley, red pepper flakes and salt in oven safe dish

  3. Drizzle olive oil on top

  4. Bake for 20 minutes and then broil for an extra 3-4 minutes or until browned on top

  5. Serve with baguettes, crackers or veggies